Thursday, March 22, 2007

Morning Surprise

Yesterday morning as the bell rang at 7:50 for the children to bombard our classrooms, I noticed that my neighboring teacher wasn't there yet. While she sometimes comes in at the last minute, there is usually a call that proceeds the late arrival informing us of a family situation or car trouble. Yesterday, however, there was no call. For some reason, I went a little into panic mode. I picked up my phone to call her cell and make sure she was alright, when in she walked. I went on and on about how grateful I was to see her cause my mind had already jumped to all measures of things that could have happened. She thanked me for being concerned, and we both jumped into our busy days.

This morning upon arriving at school, I came into my room to discover a present on my desk. My co-teacher had bought me a CD I had been longing to have for my classroom. She left me a note thanking me for being concerned for her. I found her and thanked her, but I told her she didn't need to buy me a gift just for making sure she was okay. She went into a story about what an awful night and morning she had had, and how wonderful it felt to come into school and have someone concerned that she was okay. I was floored, because I had no idea that life had been rough on her the last 12 hours. I just simply wanted to know if she was safe. Walking in this morning to discover her thoughtful gift was a bright start to my day. Sometimes God just provides us with little things to help us get through our days. I love it when He does that!!!

"Rejoice in the Lord, always. I will say it again, Rejoice!"