Sunday, March 4, 2007


Do you ever wonder about the healing process???

For the last six months I have been healing. My heart was wounded in a way that I was not prepared for. Once the wound appeared, the healing process began. I use the word "process" because that is exactly what it is-a process. It does not happen overnight. Healing happens slowly. And sometimes there are setbacks along the way.

This weekend the scabs on my heart were scratched, and the bleeding began again. I thought the healing process was almost done, but, come to find out, if picked at hard enough my wounds could hurt again.

Thankfully even though it hurts again I realize the wound is not as deep this time. It will heal more quickly than the initial would, and then I will be back on track towards final healing. All of this is only true, however, because I have a Great Physician. He is the Lord of my healing-not me. He is closing up my wounds in a way that draws me closer to Him. What a blessing to have such a compassionate, loving Physician who gives me just the medicine I need. Thank you, Lord. Bring healing quickly-but bring healing to Your glory!

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."
Ps. 147:3


Jason, Shannon, Audrey & Keili said...

I love you Kristi, I too am praying for your wounds to be healed. I love you!!!

Kristi said...

Thanks Shannon,

I feel wrapped in prayer!!! The Lord is good!