Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deep Mourning

It's early on Tuesday morning. I just finished some much needed quiet time. I should be getting ready for school, but will most likely be running a little late today. My heart is burdened and mourning, and I needed to take a minute to share something with all of you.

We lost a sister-in-Christ yesterday. Jenny Bizaillion went home to be with the Lord around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. There is no more infection in her body. Her liver and kidneys no longer have to work. There are no more brain lesions to be concerned about. And, she is now dancing with Jesus on two healthy legs! Her husband, 9-year-old daughter, parents, brothers, and the rest of the family are currently in a state of total loss and mourning where I'm sure they each wonder how they will do this thing called life without their sweet Jenny. It is a heart-wrenching story that makes me hurt more than I have hurt in awhile. It's not fair and it leaves us with so many questions of "why" or "what if."

The following is a song that Taylor and I have been spending a lot of time listening to. I listened to this song multiple times yesterday thinking of Jenny constantly, but not knowing the news that was coming. This song speaks to the hope and the promises that are awaiting us at the end of this road called life. It doesn't stop the pain, questions, or mourning-nor should it. But, it does feed the deepest part of our souls that knows in the end we will find rest from all of this pain and hardship.

Haven Called Heaven by The Hoppers

"I have journeyed a lifetime in search of a city,
A haven of rest for my tired soul.
By faith I have seen it just o'er the horizon
From all I can tell it sure looks like home.

The winds of temptation will not blow against me.
The rains of defeat won't beat on my face.
I'll not run for shelter; I'll be safe forever.
For nothing can harm me
There in that place.

There's a Haven called Heaven
A place for the weary.
Where those with a burden
Can lay down their load.
I will rest from my labor
In the Arms of my Savior
In that Haven called Heaven
At the end of the road.

I will rest from my labor
In the Arms of my Savior
In that Haven called Heaven
At the end of the road."