Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memory Verse 2

I'm a little late on posting the memory verse for this second half of January. I had an incredibly wonderful, busy weekend; and I'm just now having a moment to write. The verse I chose for this part of January is something that I remembering memorizing in college. It popped up on my phone's Verse of the Day app at just the right moment last week; so, I felt it was worth revisiting and spending time meditating on for these next two weeks. There are some amazing things going on in our lives right now. I can't go into details yet on this public forum, but I can say that God is crafting an amazing story for Taylor and me. As plans for our future have been forming, we have been from one end of emotions to the next all the while speaking truth into this situation knowing God was in control! This verse directly touched my heart and emotions last week, and therefore I could not think of anything better to spend two weeks dwelling on than this.

"And we know that in ALL things GOD works for the GOOD of those who love him, who have been CALLED according to His PURPOSE." Romans 8:28

It's so very, very nice to rest in God's working and His purpose.

What is your verse for the last half of January?