Thursday, March 17, 2011

Research and OB recommendation

Hello again,

Well, we have had some time to absorb the doc's info yesterday; and we are feeling a little better about the plan. My dad sat down last night and did a lot of research regarding my situation. It turns out that gestational anemia in patients with Thalassemia is very common. While Thalassemia patients do not need iron normally (in fact it's toxic), many pregnant Thalassemia patients do. The best method for this treatment is intravenously-which is what Dr. T recommended yesterday. My grandmother is having some complications with her Thalassemia, and Dad is taking her to see a hematologist tomorrow. He's gonna try to throw in a pregnancy question and get a "back door second opinion" while he's there. :)

I also talked to the nurse at my OB's office. They like Dr. T's recommendation and assured me it is perfectly safe for me. Her main point to me was that with my iron as low as it is delivery will be very dangerous for me if we do not get my iron levels back up.

So-my iron infusions will begin on Monday morning. I'm still slightly nervous about a negative reaction, but will be praying through that between now and then. I have a little more clarity for a couple questions I want to ask Dr. T that I didn't think about yesterday, but it won't change the plan.

Thanks so much for the prayers! We really appreciate them!