Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Memory Verse 6 with Pregnancy Update

Hi all,

For this memory verse I decided to go with something that I sort of already have memorized. I chose a different version so that a slight change in wording would force me to concentrate even more on the message of the verse. Here's the verse from the Holman Christian Standard Bible:

Philippians 4:13
"I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me."

My reasonings for going with a more simple verse this time are two-fold:
1) I did not do a very good job of working on my memory work for verse #5. I am no where near close to having my Psalm 119 passage committed to memory, and I need to a little more time with it. By doing a simpler verse this time I can still dedicate good time to my last passage.

2) I got a call from my OB yesterday that I need to see a hematologist regarding some blood work. I have a blood disorder (I think I've mentioned that before.) It's called Thalassemia. At its basic level it affects the amount of oxygen that my red blood cells carry. I'm sure there are more intense medical explanations to it, but that's the basics. Throughout my life all I have needed to do to address my disorder is to take extra Folic Acid and B12. These two vitamins help increase the amount of red blood cells I produce therefore allowing my blood to have more oxygen. Without these vitamins I end up feeling very tired and a little flu-like. So, it's a simple fix that as long as I keep taking my vitamins I barely realize I have a blood disorder. Being pregnant makes this very different though. As part of Thalassemia, I am not allowed to take Iron. I'm not totally sure of the reasons why other than that my body can't process synthetic iron very well and I end up with a toxicity of iron if I do. So, my prenatal vitamin is without iron. We have closely been monitoring my hemoglobin and iron levels throughout the pregnancy. My hemoglobin level has gradually lowered throughout the pregnancy, but not to a point we were concerned about. Yes, it made me more tired, but it wasn't a concern. My iron levels had been fairly normal the entire time.

Having said that, I had blood work done last week and everything changed. My iron levels are low and my hemoglobin levels are lower than they have ever been in my life. Not at a dangerous level that would affect Carter, but at a level that would not be healthy for me at delivery. These levels explain why I my fatigue keeps getting more pervasive and why I am starting to sleep longer and longer hours without feeling rested. Anyway, we are going to see a hematologist tomorrow for him to help us decide how to fix this. I can't take iron, so that is not an option. This dr may have several options for us, I"m not sure. I know that one (maybe the only ? ) option will be a blood transfusion to try to get some healthy red blood cells in my body. We shall see what he says tomorrow.

So, what does this verse have anything to do with my blood? Well, I'm fighting a little worry in this situation. I know Carter is fine, so that's not my concern. I'm worried about having energy to finish preparing for him and to care for him when he first gets here. If my levels are this low already, what will it be like when I deliver? Obviously, that's why we are seeing a specialist-cause he will be able to walk us through this and monitor me through these final 11 1/2 weeks. But, it still makes me nervous a little. I also find myself worrying about what if the drs decide I need to cut even more out of my schedule and just rest. Mentally that's a little overwhelming to me right now. I am redirecting my thoughts right now to not think about this until we get more info tomorrow. Obviously my top priority will be to take care of me and Carter above all else. Laying in bed last night this verse came to mind, and I thought that making it my verse for the next two weeks might be extremely important for me mentally and emotionally as we figure out what to do about my blood levels and consequently my energy levels. So, Philippians 4:13 it is! God created me to have babies. I truly believe that. He also knew I would have Thalassemia. So, bad blood levels or not, He will equip me with what I need to end this pregnancy strong and start life as a mommy in a healthy way.

So, what verse is important to you right now?