Sunday, February 6, 2011

Questions from a Pregnant Mama

Here's a little look into my mind as I think about my little boy:

Will he have blue eyes?
Will he have blonde hair or red? (Both grandmothers are red headed)
Will he look more like Taylor or more like me?
What will his smile look like?
What will his laugh sound like?
What will be his favorite color?
Will he have his daddy's AMAZING musical ear?
Musically, will he be an instrumentalist? A vocalist? Or both?
Academically, will learning come easily for him or will he have to work harder for success?
Will he like to read?
What of my positive qualities will he inherit?
What of my negative qualities will he inherit?
What will he want to do when he grows up?
Will he be a fussy baby with happy times or a happy baby with fussy times?
Will he take quickly to nursing and following a schedule?
What will he do that makes us laugh?
Will he be a good traveler making it easy to visit grandparents in Lubbock and Albuquerque?
Will he be long and skinny for years and years like his mom and dad-making it difficult to find pants that fit :) ?
What will his little boy self be most fascinated with: cars, planes, dinosaurs, baseball, football, etc?
Where will we see his creativity the most?

I could go on and on and on. There's all kinds of more serious questions as well, but I was dreaming about these today. I can't wait to meet my little guy!


Karla said...

Mama K can't wait to meet him either!