Monday, February 14, 2011

24 weeks

Here's an updated picture of me and Carter that we took last Friday. Carter is measuring close to two weeks ahead of schedule right now. That could be because he had an early growth spurt, or he could be a big boy. We will see as time gets closer. We are both healthy and doing well. Last Monday, we went in for an ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram. At this point, Carter's heart looks fantastic, and there is no reason to do further testing right now. We doubt anything will be needed later besides the normal close listening with the stethoscope that the pediatrician will do. He's getting stronger every day playing all kinds of games inside of me. Daddy says he's practicing running the bases. :) We are about to begin purchasing furniture and getting the nursery started. It will not be elaborate right now since we are moving at the first of August (not away-just into a rent house). But, when there are pictures to post, I will get those up! We are getting even more excited and anxiously awaiting to hold him. It's definitely beginning to feel close now. Sometimes scary, but mostly exciting. We love this new adventure!