Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mental Wonderings

The following are the random thoughts in my head today. Enjoy!

1) I had my second FriendSpeak session with Julia on Sunday. I have no idea if we made much, if any, progress with her English skills, but I got her to smile. :) That was worth the hour long session to me!

2) I think I need a creative outlet. Let me back up: I love being a stay-at-home wife. I feel productive and purposeful in our home. Between housewife and jewelry lady duties most of my days stay comfortably busy. But, there is an "ache" of sorts that I cannot diagnose. At first glance, one would think it's boredom. No, I'm not bored. What I keep landing on is a need to be creative. I do know how to crochet, but I am notorious for not finishing these projects that I start. I'm being cautious about starting another crocheting project for fear that once again I won't finish. Anyway, I'm doing some soul searching about what kind of creative project I might be able to do that will have purpose as well as satisfy my small inner "ache."

3) I think I'm going to start doing more book recommendations here on my blog. I've made recommendations in the past, but always focused on what I was reading for pleasure-mainly adult literature. But, since my background has left me with a fabulous library of children's and young adult literature I thought I might focus there. That way any mom's reading my blog might hear of a book or two they were not previously aware of that could be a possible choice for their child/family. So, be watching for this in the future!

4) The Christmas budget has been set! I have started perusing stores for gift ideas! I LOVE shopping for Christmas gifts! It's just so much fun to find something you think someone else will love! Let the fall and shopping season begin!