Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I got this fun idea from the Living Proof Ministries blog. I thought it would be fun, and I'm in the mood for silly and fun.

Post a comment listing 10 things about yourself that I may or may not know. Not too deep, philosophical, or serious. Just facts about yourself-however quirky that you'd like. Then, come back later and visit reading the others. It's fun to see how quirky others our--it makes me feel normal. Ha!

I'll start off:

1. I have had 18 teeth pulled by a dentist in my lifetime.
2. I lived in 4 different states, 6 different cities (2 of them twice), and 13 different houses before the age of 12.
3. I love to read.
4. When I finish a book in bed at night I have to at least read one page of another book before I fall asleep-even if I'm exhausted. I have to know that I am in the middle of a book at all times.
5. I hate to fly-have to take Xanax. Not really scared we will crash-just feel trapped...I think it's claustrophia.
6. I almost cannot go to sleep without taking a bath first. I have to be beyond exhausted to do it.
7. I have a home business where I constantly get to give away hundreds of dollars in free jewelry and make other women's dreams come true of starting a home business. All with a company that is Biblically based! It's amazing. If you want more info about this...let me know in your comment.
8. I want to match my purse to my outfit, but I don't.
9. I'm a cover hog.
10. My prissy, girly dog is named Rori after Rory on the WB show Gilmore Girls.


Karla said...

Actually, one city 3 times before you were 12!