Sunday, November 2, 2008

Project Thanksgiving

It is November. The month of Thanksgiving. Our church has decided to issue a weekly Thanksgiving activity throughout the month of November. This week our goal is to come up with 7 new things a day that we are thankful for, leaving us with a list of 49 by the end of the week. I am so excited about this project, because I'm going to have to delve deeper inside me to list 7 new things every day. I know I am grateful for many, many things; and I am glad to be challenged to make those known to God on a daily basis. He deserves my praise and thanks, and I do not want to find myself at next November realizing I haven't spent enough time thanking Him. So, because blogging is therapeutic for me and also a way for me to be accountable, I will be posting my 7 daily things beginning today. I thank God for this opportunity, and pray that my eyes are opened to His teaching throughout this "project."

1) An extra hour of sleep during a weekend when it was much needed
2) The daily Bible verses sent to my school email from my loving fiance
3) Watching a precious 6 year old mimic the deaf interpreter at church not realizing that the angels were singing over her sincere praise
4) The gift of singing on our church praise team
5) An incredibly fulfilling, purpose-filled job
6) The joy of planning a wedding
7) The unconditional love of my Heavenly Father

Praise you Lord for You are good!