Thursday, October 30, 2008

51 Days!

There are 51 days left until the wedding. How are we doing?

-We are exhausted from the crazy, crazy marching season schedule we've been keeping-2 more days of that, and then we'll hopefully get to see each other earlier than between the hours of 8 and 10:30!

-We are excited to finalize such things as: writing vows, buying our rings, gathering all the decorations for the church, organizing more gifts from showers, finish painting the apartment that Taylor is already in, etc.

-We are very tired of all the driving we're doing around the metroplex just to try to see each other and spend quality time together on a regular basis-we are very much looking forward to living in the same place in just 51 days!

So, yes, these things above sound like we're busy and exhausted--and we are...but in the midst of all of that we are excited. We are thrilled to be finishing up our premarital sessions-they have been incredible! We are thrilled to be getting our apartment slowly ready for us as a married couple. We are having so much fun dreaming about our future together as man and wife. We are very much in love and very sappy all day every day.

Busy-yes. Tired-yes. In love-yes. Excited-yes. Ready for December 20th--OH YEAH!!!!

Can anyone relate to these pre-wedding emotions?