Monday, March 31, 2008

Mixture of Emotions

Sitting in my dining room this evening I found myself reflecting on the myriad of emotions that an individual can be experiencing all at one time. Currently this is where I am:

-exhausted and worn out and tired of waiting for my supplements and diet change to fix my current state of health
-frustrated with issues at school
-lacking a positive attitude towards things in life that just must be done
-hurting deeply over the home life of one of my students
-completely in love with Taylor
-in awe and excited at the way the Lord is weaving our love story
-anxious and longing for Taylor to come home this weekend
-ready to shout from the nearest mountaintop that God has blessed me with an amazing man that wants nothing more than to become more Christ-like every day of his life.
-so incredibly thankful and gracious at the grace and love of my Lord

Wow! Thank goodness I have a Father that can handle me pouring out all of this to Him at one time. Cause at the moment, I'm about to fall apart just due to the overwhelming nature of all of this together. Thank you, Father. Hold my heart and emotions in Your hand and keep each of them centered on you.