Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winter Reading

Hi all! Months ago I promised book recommendations in order to live up to my "Curl Up and Read" blog title. Well, I've been reading and reading; but I have failed to post any recommendations before now. So, grab a pen if you want to jot down any fascinating titles and get ready for my recommendations for your winter reading!

1) Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton-This book has been one of the single most life-changing books I have read. Sacred Rhythms is a book on spiritual disciplines but unlike any spiritual disciplines book you've ever read. Barton explores the disciplines of solitude, silence, sabbath, and healthy living just to name a few. This book has challenged my thinking and my way of living in ways I've never been challenged before. It's definitely a thought-provoking read, but it's well worth the time!

2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling-I LOVE Harry Potter. Rowling's books are full of spiritual allegories and the kind of good vs. evil that all of us love to delve into. This book held up to all of the expectations I now have of Rowling. The ending was amazing, wonderful, yet so unpredictable. If you are a fan and you haven't read this one yet...what are you waiting for?

3) Divine by Karen Kingsbury-In the author's note at the beginning of this book, Kingsbury explains that Mary Magdalene is one of her favorite Biblical characters. In an effort to bridge the centuries, Kingsbury takes this Biblical story of rescue and weaves it into a modern story of redemption and healing. It is amazing. Yes, in some ways it is a heart-breaking read, but it is a powerful story. For fans of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, this one may touch similar parts of your heart!

4) The Red Tent by Anita Diamant-A strangely, fascinating read. When I first starting reading this book, I told my mother that I wasn't sure what I thought of it, but I could not put it down! Diamant weaves a fascinating story of life for women during the time of Jacob and Esau. A time when women spent three days a month in seclusion together due to physical impurity. The story takes place in and around the happenings of the red tent. Like I said it is strangely, fascinating!

5) The Baxter Family Dramas by Karen Kingsbury-I'm currently doing something I've never done before. I'm reading a drama series backwards. I didn't mean to...once I had started it was too late to look back. Kingsbury has written two series based on a family named the Baxters, and she is currently in the middle of a third series about the same family. The first series is the Redemption series, the second is the Firstborn series, and the third is the Sunrise series. I have read the first book in the third series, and then I am currently working through the Firstborn series. So, yes, I am working backwards; but they are fabulous anyway! I love getting caught up in characters, and I love it when an author can continue weaving a story that spans a great amount of time all the while keeping it real and believable. Kingsbury is a master!

6) Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury-Obviously, I'm in a little bit of an author rut. But, I just cannot get enough of her books! Like Dandelion Dust is the sweetest story surrounding an education center for adults with Down Syndrome. This story will make you laugh and cry just from the sheer sweetness of it all! It's a must read!

7) Pelican Brief by John Grisham-Many people are at the "been there, done that" point with John Grisham, but I'm still slowly working through his books. I have seen this movie several times, but the book provides so much more background. It was suspenseful and intriguing. I loved every minute of it!

I think I am missing a few that I've read over the last few months, but this will do for now. If you are like me, then you are looking forward to cold winter days when you can curl up with a fleece blanket, hot chocolate, and a good book. Maybe one of my recommendations will strike your fancy! I wish you a cozy winter and happy reading!