Monday, June 27, 2011

One Month Check Up

Carter had a one month well visit today. He is in great shape! The doctor said he looks great, has grown more than they usually ask for in a month-but not too much. I've noticed a few things that made me ask about reflux. Dr. Raine said he may be experiencing a little, but not enough to put him on medication at this time. I'm fine with that. The only "issue" he mentioned was to get him to lay on his left side a little more. Carter naturally rolls over onto his right side when you lay him on his back. His head is flattening out a little bit on the right side. Not enough to be concerned yet, but he wants us to force him some on his left so that we can avoid needing a helmet. All in all we have a very healthy, happy little boy. Here's his stats and a few pictures!!!

Weight: 9lbs even, 50th percentile (up from 7lbs, 5 oz at 5 days old)
Length: 22 1/4 in, 75th percentile (up from 20 in. at birth and 5 days old)
Head: 50th percentile

Ready for the Ranger Game-check out his cute socks!

Hanging out with Dad

Cuddling with Uncle Jordan

After Bath Time