Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Gestational Anemia

Hello all!!!

I saw Dr. T. on Monday (my hematologist), and all the blood work results were back yesterday. My iron levels not only recovered from being low they are now on the high side. There's nothing wrong with that, so we are very excited to know that the iron infusions worked extremely well!!! My hemoglobin levels did not change a whole lot though. While hemoglobin levels are very tied to iron levels, mine didn't move very much because of my Thalassemia. As of right now, Dr. T. wants me to come in again next week to recheck my hemoglobin levels. Depending on what has changed in a week's time will determine whether or not he wants me to get two more rounds of infusions. I've been a little confused as to why he would recommend more iron infusions if my iron is now high and it's just my hemoglobin that's low, but he's the "blood doctor." He is trying to make all things in my blood work together to my benefit. He's still trying to find a balance in treating the Thalassemia and the anemia. Anyway, there has been much progress, and I have definitely been feeling better. Now we wait another week to see if I need to do a little more or not. As always, thanks so much for all of your prayers! We are 6 weeks away from my due date, and it's feeling very real. I'm thankful that the doctors are striving to have me in a very healthy place to deliver! Love you all!