Friday, December 10, 2010


We got a great surprise today that just made our day and our Christmas! I am 15 weeks along today, so we have known that we had 4-5 more weeks before we could find out if we were having a boy or girl. As you know, 3 weeks ago we went to see a specialist to check for genetic disorders. While there, the sonographer made a prediction that we would have a boy; but we kept that under our hat. Today, my OB asked us if the specialist had made a prediction. We told her yes, a boy; and she asked if we wanted her to take a peek. YES! Of course! So, she did, and with a little wiggling around from her HE moved around and let us take a peek. He is for sure a boy! :) We are going to name him Carter Ashton! We are so excited to know! So excited to call him "him" or "Carter" or "Little Man" or anything else boy-ish. And, so excited to start planning the nursery! Baseball/Texas Rangers theme-here we come!!!

Before leaving for the doctor we snapped this 15 week belly shot!


Jennifer said...

YAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! And what a precious name! Boys are SOOOO much fun!

amy said...

soooooo excited for yall!