Saturday, October 30, 2010


Pretty much since we were engaged it has been known that should we ever have a boy the nursery will be a baseball theme-specifically Texas Rangers. In the little bit of looking I've done so far, I have found several cute blue and white crib sets that could easily be paired with baseball-themed decorations. It's all very exciting.

That being said, I have been lacking inspiration for a girl's nursery. I always thought I would find it easier to come up with a girl's nursery than a boy's. Tis not true for me.

Until today.

I went to a training today for my business, and while walking through the snack line I was hit with my inspiration. It came in the form of a napkin. Yes, a napkin.

Here's the napkin we used today:

Isn't that so much fun!!! I don't know yet what I'll do with it, but it's definitely my inspiration!

We won't know whether Baby B will be boy or girl until mid-January, but I am SO excited to have inspiration in either direction that I can run with.


Jennifer said...

LOVE the inspiration for both of them! So exciting! Decorating for my first baby's room is one of my fondest, most precious memories of being pregnant and a first-time expectant mommy. Enjoy it!!

Leah J. said...

LOVE it!! My inspiration for Casen's current big boy room came from a pattern on a burp cloth :)