Friday, September 26, 2008


One of the things I seem to be in a constant search of in life is balance. How do I balance personal time with God, work, time with friends, time spent at church, time with my fiance? How do I give quality energy and focus to each area of life so that I can better maintain a healthy, energized lifestyle? And, for those of you who understand that struggle, isn't it funny how right when you think you might be getting there something changes that throws a wrench in your whole search for balance?

Well, I was reflecting on this yesterday, and realizing that one area of my life has finally come down to being much more manageable. That area? Work! As most of you know, I have set out on an adventure this year as a dyslexia therapist, and I am LOVING it! Since the end of July when my training began there have been moments of absolute craziness, but now that the routine of school is in full swing I cannot tell you how deep I can breathe now. I feel fulfilled at work these days instead of drained. I feel purposeful instead of like I'm grasping at straws. I can leave work at a very reasonable hour, and have plenty of energy to spend time doing other things such as working out, running errands, Bible study, and spending time with Taylor. I can cook for Taylor and I without feeling like I will fall over from the exertion of standing in the kitchen. All of this to say-work does not have control over the way I feel for the rest of the areas of my life anymore! It is the most refreshing feeling. It's amazing how when one overwhelming area of life becomes less overwhelming, you start realizing that maybe you can achieve balance after all. Now, in no way, am I the know-it-all of balancing life...I am simply reflecting on a little more balance my life has been feeling in the past few weeks.

God is so good, and I am so grateful that I have this job. I look forward to a long future of working with dyslexic children even now while in the district and in the future with private therapy.

God bless you as you journey towards balancing all areas of your life. The key: Keep God at the center, and He will guide all else!