Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vacation with my Fiance!

Taylor and I are in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting my parents.  We've been gone since Wednesday the 2nd, and are not returning to Dallas until the 13th!  So far our vacation has comprised of:

-Taylor playing golf with my dad
-Me reading my novel, taking naps, and sleeping late
-A trip to Santa Fe where we saw some sights and went to eat at a really cool restaurant where the wait staff sang Broadway show tunes.
-A minor league baseball game where we could see the mountains from our seats!

Our plans for the next few days include:
-Mom and I driving the carts while the boys play golf tomorrow, then we're off to get massages.
-Laying by the pool
-More reading and napping
-Card games and movies
-Engagement pictures!!!!

This has been a wonderful vacation and we're really excited about the next few days.  It has been so relaxing and tons of fun!  We've talked multiple times on this trip about how excited we are that we get to do vacation together for the rest of our lives.  I promise to work on downloading some engagement pictures sometime soon after we get back home!  Happy July to everyone!