Thursday, April 24, 2008

So Blessed!

I am loved by three men.

The first to love me cannot be seen.
He calls me His child, and He saved me from a life of sin and death.
I call the second one Daddy.
He provided for me as he taught me about the providence of the One who first loved me.
The third man that loves me is a gift from the first and a blessing to the second.
He will soon get to be the earthly provider and the son the second one never had.
My First Love has so graciously given me these two men on earth who have and will provide for and protect me.
My First Love has richly shown me His unfailing love through the love of these two here on earth.
I could not be more blessed to have been shown the love of my Heavenly Father through the love of my earthly father and my earthly prince.
I am loved by three men.
The First gave me the second and the third.
Oh, what rich love!


Karen and Shane said...

It blesses my heart so much to read about you and Taylor and to see how much God is blessing you! YEAH!!!