Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life: Chapter 7

While in a conversation with a mentor the other day, I found myself saying, "I feel like I am waiting for the next big chapter of my life." As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized: this is the next big chapter of my life!! So, what I am doing waiting for it? You see, I have always clumped my life together in big sections that I now refer to as "chapters." Each chapter has come with its own set of sub-chapters full of peaks and valleys, failures and triumphs. The following chapters of my life have already been written and published:

Chapter 1: Early Childhood: Birth through the Preschool Years
Chapter 2: Elementary School
Chapter 3: Junior High (Ugh-not my best years!)
Chapter 4: High School
Chapter 5: Harding University: Undergrad
Chapter 6: Harding University: Graduate School (unlike the previous chapters this one was not planned much ahead of time, but it was a wonderful addition to my story)

Those of you that know me well, know that I have a DEEP longing and desire to be a wife and mother. If you had asked me back in Chapter 4 what Chapter 7 would be like I would have told you something about marriage and family. Now, here I am a year and a half into Chapter 7 realizing that I have only been skimming the surface of the story instead of delving deep into the plot. I am beginning to realize this is a mistake.

Scripture tells us to wait on the Lord. It also tells us that He will give us the desires of our heart. I am learning that while I wait on the Lord, He still may have other plans for me along the way! He is writing Chapter 7 right now, and the lessons from Chapter 7 are going to prepare me for Chapter 8 (whatever that is).

I very much believe that my desires to be a wife and mother are God-given, and that in His time only-not mine-He will bring that to fulfillment. For now, however, He apparently has great things in store for me as a single. His expectation of me now is to actively wait on my dreams by joining Him in the work He has for me now!!!

Please join me in praying about where God is leading me. I am currently doing some reflection and research about the best ways to use my talents and passions as a single in order to bring Him glory! I am so glad that my Father is patient with me as I learn to let Him write my Chapter 7 instead of wishing it away waiting for Chapter 8.


"But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, 'You are my God.' My times are in your hands!" Psalm 31: 14-15a


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi,
Rachael Ray was 37 years old before she got married. She said on her show one time that she got to where she was in her life by not worrying about who she was dating or when she was going to get married. (Let me preface that by saying there was a woman on the show who was obsessed with dating and finding the perfect mate, only to find out that she really wasn't happy or meeting the right men) She got there by putting herself first and finding out what her lifelong goals were..and she accomplished them. Look at how many cookbooks and shows she a talk show. Those were her goals and dreams and she put herself first. She challenged the women in the audience that particular day to take a 90 day break from dating (or even thinking about dating) and to spend that time doing things for themselves and only themselves. Take a nice long walk, take a bubble bath. Spend a weekend at a B & B by yourself with your favorite books! You're on the right track. You're beginning to live your chapter 7 and once you really start to get into the living of it, you'll realize how happy you already are. Good luck and God bless.

coneandmo said...

Hey Kristi! This is Owens from school... I am 34, soon to be 35, and I just got married. If I can tell my single friends one thing it is to wait on God. He has perfect timing. If Mike and I would have tried to date sooner, who knows what would have happend. I know its easier said than done, and its frustrating waiting. One year ago I had no idea what God had in store for me. I wasn't even dating Mike a year ago and look where I am now. I only hope to encourage you friend. You are great and deserve the best. I have enjoyed reading your blog and feel like I've gotten to know you better. :) God bless!

Kristi said...


Thanks so much for your thoughts. I really appreciate them. God is teaching me so many things this year. It is a lot to learn and it is sometimes overwhelming...but He is so good I know I am in good Hands. Glad you have enjoyed the blog! Have a great weekend.